Enjoy your yeild!!

55 unos per day!! For 365 days , user can withdraw their LP after 30days anytime and from the next time they farm they will not have any lockin period.

Shared among farmers depending on their share on pool!!

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The Republican Cynthia Lummis is now the Senator from Wyoming! She first bought BTC in 2013, was an Advocate for Bitcoin and Blockchain that helped Wyoming move ahead of every other state. This is HUGE for Wyoming companies.



📢AMAseries Announces #AMA87 with Nithya R Ceo Unos Finance 🔥

​​​​​​​​❗️Dear community, Nano News will hold an AMA with Unos Finance on November 07 08:00 AM UTC | 15:00 WIB in the Nano Chatroom Telegram Group!

Research the project and prepare good questions!

(People will be disqualified from participating in prize distribution if they do not follow the rules provided)

Guidance :

1. Introduction

2. Twitter Session (5 Questions)

3. Live Session (5 Questions)


1. Join Group Unos Finance

2. Follow Twitter NanoNews & Unos Finance

3. Like, Retweet, Comments Questions & Tag All Friends

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📌 Hello everyone, AMA LOVERS CLUB will have an AMA session with Unos Finance

📆 Sunday, 25th October, 2020

… 5 winners from Twitter ($10 each)
… 5 winners from Telegram ($10 each)

▶️ Post your twitter questions here and follow the instructions

▶️ AMA RULES: Join the following groups and channels to qualify for reward

▶️ Follow Unos Finance on their platforms:
… Website:
… Twitter:
… Telegram Chat 1:
… Telegram Chat 2:
… Telegram Announcements:



Since the start of the year, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has become one the primary markets in the crypto space. Starting as a multi million dollar industry, DeFi has now made a name for itself as it now boasts over 8 billion dollars worth of value locked in DeFi smart contracts.

While the exponential growth of DeFi continues its euphoric climb, the industry has revealed pitfalls in the shape of smart contract bugs and exploits, unethical practices, and out right scams. For DeFi to truly flourish, projects must start leading by example, that is exactly why was created. is one of the newest DeFi projects poised to dominate the space. The platform leverages the best features of DeFi along with fully audited smart contracts(auditing shortly)and a robust token lock model for added security.

website :

telegram :

twitter :



A game changer in defi, specially designed to solve existing cons in defi — … @ unos we believe consistency is the key.